Our Leaders

CEO of Org.

Chief Executive Officer, Lorna Green

Lorna is the founder and leader of CAFE for the past 19 years. Her passion is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn; and to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to grow and succeed. As an entrepreneur, she brings to CAFE a wealth of experience in organization and management skills on every level. Over the years, she and CAFE have been recognized for their notable accomplishments. She has been able to bring experienced, qualified personnel together who believe in the organization’s mission and are committed to the vision. This has resulted in CAFE becoming one of the best arts-in-education programs on the east coast. Her recent promotion to the position of Chief Executive Officer will ensure the sustainability of the program while preparing the future leaders to be poised and ready to accept their roles as leaders in CAFE and in their communities.

Artistic Coordinator of Org.

Artistic Coordinator, Josanne Francis, M.M.

Josanne is an internationally known steelpan performer and educator. She also has extensive education in orchestral and marching percussion, as well as the methods of teaching woodwind, brass and string instruments. She has instructed students in music theory and practical performance from age pre-k to senior citizens. Ms. Francis has won several steelpan, competitions and has performed at venues such as the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Creative Art Director of Org.

Creative Art Director. Elizabeth Caesar

Elizabeth's mission is to expose her students to a variety of artistic principles, media, galleries, museums and tools, that help to stimulate their creativity. An alumna of the Corcoran School of Art and Design, Elizabeth is a Desktop Publisher/Graphic Artist by profession, but painting and creating works of art is her passion. Music, color, and movement, are her sources of inspiration, and she explains that she often draws from her past experiences as a steelpan bass player to transfer the rhythms of steel band music into her poems, and her canvases.

Elizabeth’s vision for her students is that their art experience at CAFE is instrumental in promoting confidence, and developing an artistic awareness of their surroundings. That they continue to utilize the methods and processes learned from creating works of art (analyzing, planning, exploring, etc.) in their day-to-day life as they grow into adulthood. CAFE Parent Association (CPA)

CPA was formed to ensure that parent involvement remains an essential part of CAFE’s program. The CPA provides a strong supporting arm for the organization and many of them are involved in a leadership role within the organization.Parents are required to volunteer their time, attend parent meetings and workshops, and assist with coordinating most activities within CAFE.

In 2013, CAFE acquired 2/3 acre from a stakeholder to use as a farm to plant organic and ethnic crops. CAFE’s parents harvest the crops and distribute it among the CAFE families. They also promote healthy life styles by teaching food preparation and sharing recipes using the crops they have grown.

CAFE is governed by a board of directors from a broad spectrum of the community. They bring to the organization a wealth of knowledge, talent experience and leadership, that continues to allow the organization to grow and be recognized as one of the most creative and innovative programs for youth in the Washington Metropolitan Area and on the East Coast. The Board of Directors is committed to making a difference in the lives of the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Board of Directors

Melissa Johnson
Board Chair
School Administrator
Washington, DC

Sherry Ann Decoteau
Financial Analyst
Morgan Stanley, New York, NY

Willoughby Francis
ADT, Inc.

Joseph C. Green
Cyber Security Analyst
Action Net. VA

Ambassador Harriet Elam-Thomas
Public Diplomacy Program Director
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Margaret Castro
Financial Auditor & CAFE Parent
KPMG. Washington, DC

Samuel Browne
Division Director & CAFE Parent
U.S. Department of Energy. Washington, DC

Gerard Davidson, DDS
Silver Spring, MD